"Very Professional"
"Professional, organized and truly devoted to their students and their success. My daughter has learned so much during her time With Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Kayla. I love the connection they have with my daughter and other students. It shows me they truly care. They keep me informed on my daughters progress. I highly recommend Velocity, whether you are a beginner or more advanced, Ms. Tiffany has the knowledge to teach it all. You won’t be disappointed."

Tiffany B.

"Great Service"
Not only is Miss Tiffany is a remarkable dancer instructor, she is a remarkable person. The passion and love that she has for dance and her students of all ages reflects in every 8-count. Her positive attitude and can do spirit transfers to everyone she comes in contact with. She leads by example by practicing what she preaches. She instills that hard work, dedication, confidence and being NICE gets you to the places you want to be in life. Miss Tiffany also teaches her students about the rich history of dance and the dynamic dancers that paved the way. She shows how you can turn your passion of the arts into a career. Her classes are not just an extracurricular activity like others out there. Her classes light the pathway to a more enriched and cultured life. The value and life lessons taught in her instruction are something that stays with her students for a lifetime to come.

Blair W.

"Great Service"
"I simply love Ms. Kaiyla Ross! Her bubbly personality allows the kids to feel comfortable enough to try new things. She is a very skilled teacher with a wealth of knowledge to offer. Ms. Kaiyla makes dancing fun and enjoyable, all while challenging the girls to push themselves. She is loved by all that come in contact with her!"

Ashley B.

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